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2017 Carnival in Fortaleza

The Carnival spirit spreads like wildfire all over Brazil, with the season being the best time to embark on a holiday to Fortaleza. Thousands of tourists join in the festivities every year to celebrate the city’s diverse culture. The Carnival in Fortaleza brings with it the samba spirit and a major celebration of art and culture as well. Dancers, drummers, and revelers celebrate the Carnival in their own style.

For a week leading up to Ash Wednesday, the city turns into a giant street party with samba parades accompanied by brass bands in every street corner. Beautiful and colorful displays on open trucks with samba dancers are an integral part of the Carnival in Fortaleza. One of the best street parades is held at Avenida Beira-mar, where tourists are welcome to participate in dancing in the streets, which reaches a fevered pitch at midnight.

Fortaleza’s Beach Culture

The Carnival in Fortaleza attracts thousands of visitors to the town every year for a vacation of sea, sand, lots of sunshine, and celebrations. During the day, Fortaleza’s beaches are the best place to relax and unwind. The beaches are well equipped with an abundance of restaurants, clubs, and bars, assuring that there is enough supply of food, drinks, and entertainment during the Carnival. With ten hours of sunlight every day, Fortaleza’s beaches are popular with tourists. The beautiful, clear waters of Praia de Iracema are warm and inviting. Sunbathers can enjoy a day of relaxation and enjoy some refreshing drinks at the numerous bars and restaurants that dot the beach.

Ponte dos Ingleses, a pier close to the beach, is the place to be to watch the dolphins swimming in the clear waters and the fishermen go about their business. Iguape and Porto das Dunas beach feature water parks with plenty of activities to keep the kids amused all day. Water sports lovers who still have the energy after a night of partying can have the perfect opportunity for a bit of jet skiing and windsurfing.


Fortaleza’s beaches are at the heart of the town’s entertainment vista at night. Many reputable restaurants and clubs host parties with live bands in attendance. From Thursday nights through to the weekend is the busiest time. Apart from samba during the Carnival, most dance floors are packed with revelers dancing to live forró music.

Praia do Futuro is a popular beach with the locals, which turns into a party zone at night. Beachside restaurants known as Barracas serve up some of the most sumptuous cuisine including traditional Brazilian dishes. Pirata Bar located at Rua dos Tabajaras 325 and Iracema and Amici’s in the Dragão do Mar area are some of the popular nightlife hotspots with DJs and live music.

2017 Carnival in Fortaleza

With the 2017 Carnival not far away, it is time to make your hotel reservations before it is too late. The city has a range of accommodation options including pousadas, guest houses, resorts, and budget hotels for the budget conscious traveler. While there are plenty of quality resorts along the city’s stunning beaches, there are plenty of hotels in downtown Fortaleza that are within convenient reach of the city center. Your next Carnival holiday in Fortaleza could well be your most memorable one.

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