All About the Rio Carnival 2016

The Rio Carnival is the pivotal attraction of the grand Brazil Carnival.

Held in the enchanting city of Rio de Janeiro, the carnival is known all over the world as ‘the greatest show on earth!’ Considered by many as one of the must-see events of all time, it commences on February 05th 2016 and culminates in the early hours of February 09th, Ash Wednesday.

Here you will find all about the Rio Carnival celebration, including useful information and tips put togetther by Carnival Experts and Brazilian natives on Carnival Costumes, Parade Tickets, the Sambodromo, the Rio Carnival Balls and all of course, the street party stravaganza that takes place in Ipanema, Copacabana and Santa Teresa. Learn it all here.

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What's Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival It is a colorful, exotic, magnificent frenzy of a celebration filled with music, dance, stupendous performances and outlandish costumes.

Carnival Dates Rio de Janeiro 2016

This video answers questions such as: When is Rio de Janeiro's Carnival in 2014? What is the order of the samba parades? When are the samba school parades at the sambadrome? What types of parades are there?

Watch it to find out about one of the most famous parties around the world: The Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

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Experience the Flair and Flamboyance of the Rio Samba Parades

The Rio Carnival is most known for its glorious Samba Parades. Held every year in the Sambodromo, it is the focal point of the carnival and tickets are hard to get. There are four Samba Parades, held on all four nights of the carnival. The two big performances are on Carnival Sunday and Monday when the premier Samba Schools of the city compete against each other for the title of Champion. It is a stupendous show full of outstanding choreography, dazzling and sexy costumes, irresistible music and unimaginable props and floats.

Join the Frenzy in the Thunderous Sambodromo

The Rio Carnival was historically held on the streets of Rio but as it gained popularity, it moved to the Sambodromo. The Sambodromo is a concrete structure with a wide avenue running through the center and viewing stands on either side. The Samba Schools enter from one end of the avenue and spend 70 minutes parading down the avenue while the crowds go wild up in the stands. There are variety of seating and ticket options ranging from comfortably affordable to ultra expensive.

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Be prepared to be stunned by the dazzling and glittering costumes

When one thinks of the Rio Carnival, the first thing that springs to mind is the exotic and outlandish costumes. Some of them dazzling and intricate while others sexy and minimal, the costumes can be considered an event by themselves. Costumes are not just restricted to the samba parades and the samba schools. Everyone from the street dancers to the ball ticket holders, like to get in costume. There is even an official costume competition at the Hotel Gloria every year where you can catch some of the most unbelievable and flamboyant get ups ever seen.

Marvel at the Talent of the Stupendous Samba Schools

Rio Carnival Tickets, Costumes, Ball Tickets and More.

The Rio Carnival traditionally took shape with the Samba Schools parade competition. Samba Schools are dance groups belonging to different communities in Rio de Janeiro and are completely self-contained in every way. They have their own dancers, musicians and choreographers. They create their own performances from scratch, the costumes, the floats, the music and the dance routines. It is their vision and creativity that brings to the Rio Carnival an exuberance rarely seen in any other event on the planet.

Rio Carnival Tickets

Most events in the Rio Carnival are ticketed so if you want to experience the magic in its entirety, you need to get your tickets well in advance. Tickets for the Samba Parades in the Sambodromo range in price and seating options. Tickets are also available for the glamorous and enchanting Rio carnival balls. Some are hard to get while others are usually readily available. Apart from this you can book costumes in advance and actually participate in the parade for a truly incomparable Rio carnival experience.

Get a taste of glitz and glamour with the Rio Carnival Balls

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro is one big frenzied party. The festivities last for four nights with the hysteria reaching new heights as each night leads on to the next.  A significant component of the Rio carnival is the balls. The most prestigious and glamorous is the Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace. It is also the most expensive one and attracts celebrities from all over the world. The Rio Scala nightclub in downtown Rio sets the stage for a thematic carnival ball every night and hosts the grand finale of the carousing with the hilarious Gay Costume Ball. Apart from this, there are street parties taking place at every corner of the city so wherever you go, the hip twitching samba beats and rib tickling samba dance is always around.

Party like the locals do with the incomparable Street Parties

To truly experience the local flavor of the Rio Carnival, enjoy it like how the cariocas do, right in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. The Rio Carnival street parties don’t require any tickets and everyone who wants to have a fantastic time can join in on the fun. It usually begins at a pre-defined spot like a bar or a square. Soon a well known street band begins to play and the parade marches through the streets. The Banda de Ipanema is one of the most well known street parties, a particular favorite with the gay celebrants. For a ‘U’ rated party, you can check out the Simpatia é Quase Amor street party.

Enjoy the Happiest City on Earth with Scintillating Tours Around Rio

When you visit Rio de Janeiro, you have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful sites in the world. Starting with the magnificent Christ the Redeemer statue, a virtual symbol of Rio, your Rio tours will take all over the city allowing you to take in the sights, sounds and experiences of tropical rainforests, bustling city life, glorious waterfalls and pristine beaches.

Find out how there’s something for everyone

The Rio Carnival has something for everyone, from families to couples, to group travelers to alternative lifestyle communities. Children can participate in the street parties and particularly enjoy the first Samba Parade where youngsters, hopeful of becoming Samba professionals strut their stuff in the Children’s Parade

Rio is also known as the most gay friendly city in the world. Gays, lesbians, transvestites and drag queens are at their flamboyant best as they bring their own charm and flavor to this captivating event. Some street parties are particularly catered to gays and the grand finale of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival is the Gay Costume Ball at the Rio Scala.

Rio de Janeiro Beach.

Relax on the Sun Kissed Beaches of Rio

Rio has some of the most legendary beaches in the world. With mountains bordering some and tropical rainforests and waterfalls adjoining others, the views are beyond spectacular. Whether you prefer to lounge in the sun with the string bikinied Brazilian beauties or play soccer on the sand with the locals, or enjoy building sand castles with your children, the beaches of Rio have something for everyone. You will fall in love with Ipanema.

The Rio Carnival is a potpourri of music, dance, festivities, hysteria, culture and beauty. It is an experience that will last a lifetime and if you do get the chance to witness its mania, it is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

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