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Carnival in Rio

All about the biggest holiday in Brazil, the Carnival.

In late summer in Rio de Janeiro, from February 24th through the 28th, Rio Carnival 2017 will be celebrated by over 1 million visitors as well as local residents. With hundreds of street parties and balls there is plenty to do for everyone. Rio Carnival 2017 will culminate when the top Samba schools in Rio compete with each other to put on the best parade extravaganza possible. 

All about Rio Carnival 2017

Carnival Dates Rio de Janeiro 2017

This video answers questions such as: When is Rio de Janeiro's Carnival in 2017? What is the order of the samba parades? When are the samba school parades at the sambadrome? What types of parades are there?

Watch it to find out about one of the most famous parties around the world: The Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

These videos from Bookers International are intended to clarify questions and doubts about carnival in Rio de Janeiro, giving tips and information about the greatest party on earth.

Rio Carnival Live TV

Rio Carnival

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