Renascer de Jacarepagua Samba School

Flag of Renascer de Jacarepagua Samba School


Colors: Green, Red and White
Drummers’ Queen: Mylla Ribeiro
President: Antônio Carlos Salomão
Carnavalesco:  Jorge Caribé

Renascer de Jacarepagua Synopsis – Carnival 2015

Renascer de Jacarepagua is starring in the Special Group for the first time in 2012, promising a very exciting and colorful show, as they will they the story of the world famous Brazilian artist, Romero Brito.

Romero Brito is a very unique artist his work is very colorful and known all over the world, Bristo has become one of the most important living contemporary Pop artist, having may of his projects displayed in places like the Louvre Museum in Paris, Washington DC’s Presidential Library, a Medical Center in Tel Aviv and so on.

Admirers and owners of Brito’s works call it the “Healing Art”. Such an important figure to Brazil truly deserves to have his life and work featured in the Rio Carnival 2012 with Renascer de Jacarepagua shinning on the avenue.

Carnival 2015 Information

Group:  Access Group - Day 2, 14 FEB
Theme – Enredo: Um manifesto ao povo em forma de arte
Parading Date and Time: 0:45

Samba Enredo 2015 (Sound)

Samba Enredo 2015


Group Special
Access Group