Carnival Agenda

Carnival Week

The Rio Carnival 2019 celebration begins with the crowning of King Momo by the city's mayor. It is the responsibility of King Momo to spread that word that the Carnival has begun. Balls, street parties, and dances begin to spring up all over the city.

Parade Competitions

On Friday and Saturday of Carnival the Access Group competes at the Sambadrome. Finally the new schools get a chance to strut their stuff with their own Samba parade competition. The most talentedSamba schools, called the Special Group, compete on Sunday and Monday. Finally the newer schools or smaller and less experienced groups hold their competition at the Sambadrome on Tuesday. They too hope to advance up the rank to the Special Group. The Children's Parade take place at Sambodromo on tuesday. Just like their parents these youngsters develop a theme, write a song and choreograph their own dances.The top 6 Samba school winners of the Special Group are invited back to Sambadrome to put on another show for the spectators.

Dancing All Night

Rio Carnival 2019 will promise to be a festival of fun with balls and costume parties. Over 300 balls are held annually. The ball at the Copacabana Palace Hotel is the most sought after ticket in town. Here participants can rub shoulders with the elite of the world. International celebrities, the wealthy and local stars all attend this ball. Perhaps just as popular but much more outlandish is the Gay Ball at Rio Scala.

Drag queens throughout the city and around the world put together elaborate costumes to dazzle other dancers. Everyone is welcome to this ball regardless of sexual orientation.

Partying in the Street

Some of the wildest parties are those organized by the Blocos. The Blocos are groups of neighbors who work together to plan street parties during the Carnival. They plan the parades and build floats that wind through the streets blasting Samba music. These street parties are quite rowdy and some can attract as many as 1 million people. The parties will run throughout the month of February during Rio Carnival 2019.

Reserving Your Space

The Carnival is one of the most popular celebrations in the world. Travelers from around the world flock to Rio de Janeiro annually to take part in the fun. If you are going to attend the Rio Carnival 2019 it is advisable to plan as far ahead as possible. Hotel rooms and tickets to the Sambadrome disappear very quickly.

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