Angra Beach

More than 2000 beaches in Angra dos Reis and a perfect sunny day.

Angra dos Reis is a tropical paradise a mere 3 hour drive from downtown Rio. The archipelago is home to a number of private islands owned by the rich and famous. Much of the region is protected due to the number of endangered species that live on the islands. With over 2000 beaches and 365 islands, Angra is a great place for a vacation.

Ilha Grande – The Big Island

Ilha Grande is the largest island in Angra with miles of golden sandy beaches and quaint villages that dot the coastline. Being a tropical paradise and celebrity hideout, the islands are home to many resorts, hotels, villas, and restaurants. The islands present the perfect opportunity for fishing, diving, and delightful rides by boat, schooner, or yacht. For surfers, Aventureiro is one of the best beaches to surf in Brazil.

Vila do Abraao – heart of Ilha Grande

Big Island or Ilha Grande is small laid back beach town with crystal clear waters that attracts divers from all over the globe. Vila do Abraao is a popular spot along the beachfront with plenty of pousadas, restaurants, and nightlife. Although there are no wild parties, live music shows are held frequently.  There are also many trails that cut across the island and runs through stretches of beach and forest.

Angra’s hidden jewels

One of the prettiest beaches in Angra is Lopez Mendes on the Atlantic side of Ilha Grande, with a great deal fresh water pools. Don’t be surprised if you spot macaws and howler monkeys in the area. A couple of juice bars serve some of the most delicious crab and shrimp pastries along the beachfront. Praia Vermelha is another great spot from where divers begin their expeditions. Basically a quaint fishing village, Vermelha Beach has a few bars and restaurants to relax and enjoy a meal. Hidden behind the rocks is Itaguaçú beach, a peaceful and quiet location that is perfect for bathing.

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