Carnival 2020

Feb 21st to 29th

Terreirao do Samba in Rio Carnival 2020

Also known as Samba Land, Terreirao has a large stage where Samba musicians perform nightly.

Located near the Sambadrome is Terreirao do Samba or Samba Land. This attraction will be operating throughout the entire 2020 Rio Carnival. It is a large square in the downtown area for the Carnival revelers in Rio to enjoy music, food and dance.

Foto: Ronaldo Nina | Riotur

Samba Land

Also known as Samba Land, Terreirao do Samba has a large stage where Samba musicians perform nightly.  There are also around 50 food stalls and room for 300 partygoers and it is located on Praca Onze in downtown Rio. Usually there are 3-4 performances every night but at times there can be more than 10 bands. Many of these bands come directly from the Samba schools. Past performers include Dudu Nobre, Belo, Arlindo Cruz and Exaltasamba. The purpose of Terreirao do Samba was started off as a way for Samba lovers to get together and celebrate Samba music and dance. Samba musicians play on stage so revelers can come together to listen and dance to the Samba beats.

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