Brazil Carnival 2017 - February 24 - 27

Brazil Carnival is, undoubtedly, the globe’s most spectacular party.

The spirit of camaraderie, the depth and vibrancy of Brazilian culture and the very best in music and dance are illustrated to the world at the Brazil Carnival.

Get ready for Brazil Carnival. Rio de Janeiro is the mother of all Carnival celebrations in Brazil. But there's also much fun in the streets of Recife and Olinda. Decide to follow one of the Trio Eletricos in Salvador de Bahia and you will have a blast. What about Sao Paulo with its every year more popular and always affordable parades? But you can't do it all in one year, can you? Learn it all here. But before you dig in, don't forget to sign up to receive your FREE 50-page Carnival Guide.

Carnival Dates Rio de Janeiro 2017

This video answers questions such as: When is Rio de Janeiro's Carnival in 2017? What is the order of the samba parades? When are the samba school parades at the sambadrome? What types of parades are there?

Watch it to find out about one of the most famous parties around the world: The Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

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Rio Carnival Live TV

The Carnival in Brazil is the Carnival of all Carnivals.

Brazil's Carnival is one of these events that have to be on your "Things to do before you die" list. No kidding! Ask anyone who's been to Brazil for Carnival. Nothing compares to the excitement, revelry and enjoyment of the great Brazil Carnival. In Rio de Janeiro, 2 million people come together year after year on a celebration that officially starts on Friday but only surrenders on Ash Wednesday.

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The Brazil Carnival

The greatest Show on Earth as it is popularly known; the Rio Carnival is the biggest of all carnival celebrations in Brazil. It's the place to be with amazing samba parades, beautiful designed floats and carnival costumes, street parties everywhere you go. The Samba Parades at the Sambodromo are the main event. Plus the Rio de Janeiro Carnival offers some of the most funny ball bashes, including the Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace and the Gay Gala Ball as one of the six thematic carnival balls thrown at the famous Scala Ball Series.

Recife and Olinda Offer Brazil's Carnival Best Street Parties

Carnival in Recife and Olinda happens in the streets. And it's all FREE. Except for the booze. These Brazil carnivals are extremely popular. The Carnival in Olinda happens in the quaint streets of the Unesco town. It is open to anyone regardless of age, who wants to dance, sing, perform and have fun. In Recife Carnival, stages are setup all over the town on which bands and dancers perform. All Free.

Salvador Bahia Carnival

Salvador Carnival is the One for the Masses

Carnival in Salvador Bahia is very popular among teens. 200 samba troupes parade through different street circuits over ten days of nonstop partying, celebration and fun. The biggest attraction is made by the Trio Eletricos which are massive stages that move around the city, celebrating Salvador Carnival with musicians of the first caliber performing their hit numbers and hordes of reveling fans follow dancing and joining the mania.

The Carnival in Sao Paulo

More affordable alternative to the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, the Brazil Carnival in Sao Paulo is an exciting frenzy of Samba floats and costumes. 30,000 get together at the Sambodromo in Sao Paulo in an event that is televised all over the country on Friday and Saturday nights – not to compete with Rio's Carnival. As in Rio de Janeiro, top Samba schools compete against each other.

Rio Carnival 2017

Carnival Check List

Sambodromo Rio Parade Tickets

Everybody wants a ticket to the Rio de Janeiro Carnival and so if you want to join in with 90,000 spectators in the de Janeiro sambodromo you better book your tickets early. Pick up the phone now if you want a chance to be among the first hundred to win a Carnival T-shirt and CD of the 2017 Samba songs. MORE

Rio Carnival Samba Parade

The carnival spirit will always beckon you to the Rio Carnival Samba Parade. The reverberating sounds from samba drummers combined with thousands of revelers at the sambodromo is enough to lift your spirit to another world while you party right here on Earth. Try not to miss the extravaganza for five days leading up to the Christian season of Lent. MORE

Accommodations during Carnival

Book your accommodation in the seductive neighborhoods of Copacabana and Ipanema way ahead your arrival for the Brazil Carnival. There are plenty of tourist-friendly hotels, apartments, villas, and even hostels on rent, which sell out fast. Come and experience Brazilian hospitality at its best. There are exclusive Brazil carnival packages designed exclusively for you. MORE

Costumes to the Parade

To experience the thrill and passion of parading with one of Rio’s enchanting samba schools, you will need a samba costume. Orders are not accepted after December 2016 so if you want to swing to the samba beats as part of a prestigious school now is the time to get your rio carnival costume. MORE

Rio Carnival Service

Rio Carnival Service

Our Rio Carnival Help Desk is willing to customize a Rio de Janeiro Carnival package for you and your party as well as giving you some very handy tips on costumes, and of course, the Party Planner.

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