Carnival 2025

Feb 28th - Mar 08th

Carnival Celebrations in Brazil

Brazil Carnival

Carnival Celebrations in Brazil

Beyond Rio's Spotlight

Brazil is globally renowned for its Carnival, but while Rio de Janeiro often steals the limelight, numerous other cities host equally mesmerizing celebrations. Dive into the heart of Brazil and discover the Carnival spirit that resonates beyond Rio.

The Undisputed Charm of Samba Across Brazil

From the intoxicating beats of samba to the colorful parades, Brazil's Carnival is a testament to the nation's rich cultural heritage. Cities like Buzios, Porto de Galinhas, Fortaleza, Porto Seguro, and Iguazu Falls showcase their unique take on this grand celebration.

The beauty of the Carnival in Brazil is that everyone is passionately involved, from the decoration of floats and the designing of costumes to singing, dancing, and you guessed it, partying all night long.

Clients on their way to the Sambadrome

It is easy to fall in love with Brazil, its beautiful pristine beaches, magnificent natural wonders, sumptuous cuisine, and of course, its vibrant nightlife. The Carnival in Brazil seems to continue throughout the year, as the locals are passionate about partying. Samba dancers and street bands drown the streets in every city with their rhythms and are proud to display their rich cultural heritage. Samba schools compose their own samba tunes every year.

The irresistible and foot-stomping beats are well supported by a bevy of samba dancers who mesmerize the crowds with each movement of their hips. Hordes of revelers join in the celebrations dressed in outrageous and hilarious attire, creative costumes, bikinis,  and just about anything you could ever imagine.

The Carnival in Brazil is a time when people from all lifestyles come together to prove the united spirit of a nation that may otherwise seem to have a stark contrast between the rich and the poor.

Buzios- The Perfect Tourist Getaway

Buzios sea in Rio de Janeiro - slice of paradise during the Carnival season in Brazil

The pristine beaches of Buzios are transformed into a party zone during the Carnival in Brazil. The town knows how to throw a party, even though it is a quiet resort to relax and unwind for most of the year. Blessed with 22 of the most spectacular beaches, including Azeda and Praia Jose Goncalves; tourists from all over the country as well as overseas, come here for a taste of paradise.

The town’s beaches are home to several bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that ring in the Carnival spirit every season. Besides, there are plenty of activities to relax and unwind after a night of revelry. Surfers can catch some of the biggest waves to display their skills at the beaches of Geriba and Brava.

Surfboards, snorkels, and sailboards can be rented at the beaches.  In addition, there are several accommodation options to spend a comfortable vacation during the Carnival in Brazil.

Porto De Galinhas - A Small Town with a Grand Celebration

Porto de Galinhas beach - hub for Afro-Brazilian Carnival festivities.

The village of Porto de Galinhas in Pernambuco is a vacationer’s paradise that can host Carnival celebrations as well as its sister towns of Recife and Olinda. The weeklong celebrations continue on a grand scale with an Afro-Brazilian touch. The town has plenty to offer vacationers with excellent restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, first-class accommodation options, and water sports as well.

The warm waters of Porto de Galinhas’ beaches are the best places for snorkelers and scuba divers to experience a close encounter with the region’s marine life. The city center is always filled with partygoers and bands playing on the streets. The Chicken Club, an outdoor nightspot, is the center of attraction with samba and "forró" tunes beckoning revelers to the dance floor.

Porto Seguro - The Afro-Brazilian Carnival Magic

There is a long array of never-ending parties during the Carnival in Porto Seguro, Brazil. This popular destination holds one of the best weeklong celebrations, second only to Rio and Salvador. Massive floats with live bands and samba dancers cast their spell on thousands of people who easily give in to the Carnival spirit.

Like many other cities, Porto Seguro is blessed with several beaches to soak in the sun after a night of non-stop celebrations.

Beach kiosks serve up some of the best cuisines and set the tone for the evening with axé and "forró" music resounding from their speakers. There are plenty of opportunities for water sports and paragliding at Terapuã beach. Those who have some energy left after partying can take a few dance lessons that are conducted at the beach. 

Porto Seguro offers travelers a variety of accommodation options at affordable prices, especially during the Carnival in Brazil.

Jericoacoara - A Surfer's Paradise with Carnival Vibes

Jericoacoara dunes and lake

Jericoacoara Beach is among the best places to be in touch with nature and to indulge in adventure sports as well. The huge sand dunes that separate the coastline present ideal opportunities for sand boarding and dune buggy safaris. Sunset Dune is the perfect place to watch the sunrise and sunset in the sea, thanks to Jericoacoara’s unique geographical location at the northernmost tip of the state of Ceara.

The sparkling white sands of Jericoacoara Beach continue to attract surfers from all over the world. The town’s nightlife is mainly concentrated along the beach with a number of restaurants and nightclubs open until late at night.

Iguazu Falls - A Natural Paradise with Carnival Spirit

The Iguazu Falls is the ideal getaway for many during the Carnival in Brazil and in many ways a tourist paradise. The Iguazu National Park is home to some of the most magnificent natural wonders including the Iguazu Falls, a haven for adventure sports lovers with opportunities for rock climbing and kayaking as well.

2025 Carnival in Brazil

Carnival in Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
Gabriel Monteiro | Riotur

Whether you wish to relax and unwind during the 2025 Carnival in Brazil or embark on a blazing round of adventure sports, there are plenty of Carnival packages available. The only condition is that you need to make your reservations as soon as possible and let the Carnival cast its magic spell on you.

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