Carnival 2025

Feb 28th - Mar 08th

Experience the 2025 Carnival in Recife and Olinda

Brazil Carnival

Experience the 2025 Carnival in Recife and Olinda

A Journey Through Brazil's Most Authentic Carnival Celebrations

Everyone loves to party in Brazil during the Carnival period. While Rio is the most popular Carnival hotspot for tourists, the Carnivals in Recife and Olinda have a distinct style that is greatly influenced by the African and Indian tribes who were slaves during Portuguese rule.

People have the opportunity to experience the vibrant spirit of the Carnival by participating whole-heartedly rather than just watching from the sidelines. Although the official Carnival only commences on Friday and ends on Fat Tuesday, the day before Lent starts; there are Carnival parties that kick off as early as December. These events present the perfect atmosphere for families to enjoy their vacation.

Partying Till the Crack of Dawn

The Carnival in Recife is one of the biggest events with over 1.5 million people joining in six straight days and nights of revelry. The Galo da Madrugada or Rooster of the Dawn signifies the commencement of the Carnival in Recife with everyone dancing to the frevo and samba. You will find several people dressed up as celebrities, so don’t be surprised to see Barack Obama or Fidel Castro waving to the crowds.

Most significantly, the Carnival is free for all with "blocos" or groups allowed to play their own variety of music and put up their own show. One of the most touching moments of the Carnival in Recife is the Night of the Silent Drums, a tribute to the African slaves who lost their lives in prison.

Street Parties during Carnival in Recife

Carnival in Olinda

The magic of the Carnival continues in the colonial town of Olinda with the young and old partying together. As expected, the 2025 Carnival in Olinda will play host to a number of celebrities who head to the town every year to enjoy the Carnival delights. Energetic crowds line the streets right from the morning, dancing to the pulsating rhythms of drums and horns.

Carnival in Olinda is complete without a costume that ranges from the most exotic to the most outrageous. The Carnival is all about having fun, with the first party beginnings two Sundays before the Carnival. The show is inaugurated by the New Virgens do Bairro Novo de Olinda, a group that sets the Carnival fires alight. The giant papier-mâché puppets or Bonecos are equally popular and can be seen marching all through Carnival week.

Capture the Memories of a Lifetime

Do check out our photo gallery for a glimpse of the glorious celebrations. The giant puppets, the creative costumes, the vibrant colors, and the party-loving crowd are all captured right here on camera. Included are a few videos to help imbibe the spirit of the Carnival with the sounds of the frevo and samba to get you in the mood.

Recife Carnival Packages

With thousands of people flocking to Olinda and Recife, tourists need to make hotel reservations in advance. The cities are packed to capacity during the Carnival with little or no room on the cobblestone streets for anything else but partying. There are a variety of Recife Carnival packages beginning as early as December. Some of the packages are inclusive of flight and hotel accommodation, and Carnival tickets. Book early for Carnival 2025 so that you can have a magical vacation.

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