Carnival 2024

Feb 09th - Feb 17th

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


  • Why book with Bookers?

    Bookers is a tourism agency that works exclusively with Rio Carnival and has over 20 years of experience, attending more than 10,000 visitors every year who want to know Rio Carnival.

    We are a Brazil And US Government Certified Travel Agency. Only agency licensed both in Brazil and the USA.

    We have specialized service by email, phone, chat and Whatsapp, from Monday to Friday and in person, in our Carnival Hospitality Desk, during all the days of the event.

    In addition, our websites are protected by the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security certificate, advanced encryption technology, which guarantees privacy and security of customer data in all transactions.

  • What are the ways of payment?

    Payment can be done by credit card, all major credit cards are accepted, via Paypal account or wire transfer to our Bank of America account.

    Deposits or wire bank transfers will be validated only after sending the receipt and when the value is credited to our account of Bank of America. Please contact our Rio Carnival Help Desk and ask for our bank details.

  • What are the best tickets in the Sambodromo?

    The Sambodromo was built to provide a great show for the viewers. Each type of ticket has benefits. 

    For those who want assigned seats and comfort, we usually recommend Front Box tickets. The Front Box are assigned chairs, inside a small space with fences, very close to the runway, with a privileged view of the parade. We also have the Covered box option, located exclusively in sector 7 row D, with cushioned seats, with a fan and it is covered, ideal for rainy days.

    The Grandstands are a good options too, if you are looking for a cheaper ticket, but keep in mind that those tickets do not have seats, they are large concrete steps. Also Grandstands tickets are not numbered except for Sector 9. In other sectors, if you want to choose your place we recommend that you arrive 2 hours before the first parade.

    For those who wants a chair and assigned seat, but does not want to pay too much for it, the Allocated chairs are a good option, just keep in mind that they are located in sector 12, at the end of the parade.

    We recommend the Folia Tropical and Super Folia tickets for those who likes to party, who want to enjoy the parade and have fun at the same time. They offer an open bar, buffet, DJs, shows and several attractions, but because they have a capacity for 1,000 people and do not have seats to watch the parades, this is not the most comfortable option, but it is the best for party people.

  • Even side or odd side?

    The Sambadrome is divided into sectors with even and odd numbering. Each side has its characteristics, but both sides have the same view so the choice should be based more on how you want to go to the Sambadrome.

    The tickets on the even side are closest to the subway/metro station Praça Onze, about 300 meters walk. It is a great side for those who want to go to the Sambadrome by subway.

    The odd side is about 1.2 km from the Central subway/metro station, a little bit far, but it has an easy access by car. It is the best option for those who want to go to the Sambadrome by taxi, Uber or transfer.

  • How to get my tickets?

    After finalizing your purchase on our website, you will receive a voucher by email, which can be printed or shown on the mobile screen, this voucher must be exchanged for the actual tickets here in Rio de Janeiro, at our Hospitality Desk located at the HOTEL ATLÂNTICO COPACABANA and tickets can be picked up:

    On February 5th, 6th and 7th, Monday to Wednesday, from 9 AM to 7 PM; 
    On February 8th, 9th and 10th, Thursday to Saturday, from 8 AM to 9 PM ;
    On February 11th and 12th, Sunday and Monday, from 9 AM to 7 PM;   
    On February 15th, 16th and 17th, Thursday to Saturday, from 9 AM to 9 PM.

    Note: On February 13th and 14th, Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be Closed;

    It’s mandatory the presence of the card holder to receive the ticket, bringing original identity document with signature and photo and credit card used in the purchase. 

  • In which sector starts the Rio Carnival Parade?

    The parade begins at sectors 2 and 3, ending in sectors 12 and 13, where the Apoteose Square is.

  • How old a children can watch the parade?

    Children under 5 years old are not allowed to enter the Sambadrome, not even accompanied by their parents or guardians. Brazilian justice has determined that the high sound of the parades is capable of damaging the hearing of the child. Minors, with 5 years or more can enter the Sambadrome and must be accompanied by the parents or legal guardians and must have a ticket. Don't forget to bring a document, such as passport, ID or a birth certificate to prove the age, because it can be requested at the entrance.

  • Can I choose my seat at Sambódromo?

    Although there are assigned seats only on front boxes, allocated chairs or in the Sector 9 grandstands tickets, it is not possible to choose where you will be staying during the purchase. For security reasons the authorities only release tickets a few days before the carnival to avoid fake tickets and we get the tickets randomly so we can't guarantee a specific seat. The places closest to the front are given to those who buy in advance. But even though it is not possible to choose your seats, tickets bought together sit together.

  • What is the difference among the parades of the Special Group, Access Group and the Champions parade?

    The Access Group that parades on the first and second day of carnival, February 09th and 10th, is like the second division of samba schools. They’re competing to get into the special group. They are traditional and beautiful samba schools , but the schools are simpler and the parades are too.

    The Special Group that parades on the third and fourth day of carnival, February 11th and 12th, are the parades of the main samba schools of Rio. On these days the best and most famous samba schools perform with extravagant costumes and floats.

    The Champion's Parade, that happens on the following Saturday, February 17th, reunites the Champion school and five runner-ups, from the special group parades, celebrating victory and closing the Rio Carnival Samba Parades, repeating the same parade from the special group days. 

  • Where is the Bookers Hospitality Desk during Carnival and what is the operating schedule?

    The Bookers Hospitality Desk will be at the Hotel Atlantico Copacabana, located at Rua Siqueira Campos, 90, Copacabana, at the Imperial Hall. It's right across the street from Subway Station Siqueira Campos. The Desk will work from Monday, February 09th to Monday, February 12th, 2024. For those who bought tickets to the Champions parade on Saturday February 17th, vouchers can be exchanged from Thursday, February 15th thru Saturday, February 17th. From 09am to 7pm local time.

  • Is Bookers the official seller?

    Bookers International is a tourism agency authorized by the official organizers of Rio carnival to sell tickets and packages for Rio carnival.

  • How much are the tickets?

    All prices and ticket types are available on our website. To check prices access:

  • What is the best sector?

    The Sambadrome was designed to offer a great view of the show to everyone in any sector.

    Sectors 2 and 3 are in the beginning of the parade so it is possible to see the schools warming up before entering the Sambadrome.

    Sectors 4 and 5 are between the beginning and the middle, the waiting between one school and another is less, but it is already possible to start to see the formation of the parades on the avenue.

    Sectors 6, 7, 8 and 9 are the favorite sectors as they are located in the middle of the Sambadrome and offer a more complete view of the parade. The wait between one school and another is a little longer.

    Sectors 10 and 11 are for those who want to feel the drums, as they are in front of and beside the drummer’s nich. The waiting time between schools is longer.

    The sectors at the end, 12 and 13 have the thrill of seeing the school cross the finish line, but the waiting between the schools is even longer.

  • How does the Special Delivery service work?

    You can choose to receive your ticket at the hotel where you will be staying or at the address of your choice here in the city of Rio de Janeiro. As a matter of logistics, we only deliver to the main tourist districts and central regions of Rio. The delivery fee is US$14 per ticket and maximum charge for multiple tickets is US$56.

    You must schedule a delivery day and time range, as well as provide the address where you want to receive your ticket, all through our website.

    Keep in mind that the credit card holder used in the purchase, or the purchase holder in case of other ways of payment, must be present to receive the ticket and sign the delivery receipt, as well as present all required documentation: passport or ID from the holder, original credit card used in the purchase (if this was the payment method) and the voucher.

  • I'll be on a cruise/ship. Can I get my tickets in the Port?

    To receive your ticket in the Port you must select Special Delivery during the purchase and pay the delivery fee. The delivery to the port works as follows, we have a delivery point, a Bookers store, that will be located in the main gate (Terminal 4) with an employee of ours delivering the tickets from 9am to 6pm. You must choose a day and a time range and must go to our meeting point to receive the tickets, on that day and time range that you scheduled. When you inform the delivery address on our website remember to put the name of your cruise/ship.

Carnival Costumes

  • The costumes must be returned after the parade?

    No! The costume is yours. A great souvenir to take home.

  • With the costume can I watch other parades?

    No. The costume only allows you to stay in the warm-up area next to your samba school and to parade along Avenida Marques de Sapucai, the Sambodromo. To watch other parades you must have a ticket.

  • Where should I go with my costume to find my samba school?

    After purchase, you will be instructed on the location where to meet with other members of your school in the parade area, on Avenida Presidente Vargas, which gives access to the Sambadrome. There are two options of warm-up areas, one is in front of the Cedae / Correios building and the other one is in front of the building named “Balança mas não cai”. You must arrive there 2 hours before your parade.

  • There is a locker to keep my clothes and belongings during the parade?

    No, unfortunately there is no lockers at the parade area. We recommend that you go there wearing your costume and take few belongings. During the parade you must hide your belongings within your custome

  • Can I take photos?

    You can take photos during the warm-up and after the parade. During the parade it is forbidden to take photos so it is necessary to hide your camera or cell phone under the costume. We do not recommend taking professional or large cameras as it will be difficult to hide during the parade.

  • How can I parade with a samba school?

    To parade along with a samba school in Rio, you must buy a costume. Unfortunately, we do not have costume sales. For those who wish to parade, we recommend contacting our costume specialist partners through WhatsApp Jorge or Tainá.

  • How do I buy my costume?

    Unfortunately we do not have sales of costumes, we are a company specialized on the tickets sales. If you want to parade with a Samba School you need to buy a costume. Talk to one of our partners Jorge (+55 21 97005-5353) or Tainá (+12243915852) and they will help you.

  • Is there a place to keep the costume if I watch the parades?

    Yes, there is a stand called "Atendimento ao desfilante" in all sectors where you can keep your costume.

  • What can I bring to the parade?

    The costume is an important part of the parades and counts points for the samba school, so it is not allowed to parade with any component that is not part of the costume on display or have any part of the costume missing, which can even cause your expulsion from the parade. We recommend you to bring only the essentials, such as money and your ID, in a small bag or a money belt that can be put close to your body, inside the costume and that does not compromise the costume.

Sambodromo Tips

  • What time should I arrive?

    On the Access Group parade days the parades start at 9 pm, on the Special Group the parades start at 10 pm and on the Champions parade days the parades start at 09 pm but the gates of the sambadrome are open at 7 pm. If your ticket does not have assigned seat and you want to choose where to sit, we recommend that you arrive at least 1 hour before the show. If your ticket has assigned seat, there is no need to arrive before the parades start. The show is long and runs until dawn, so if you prefer to save your energy to attend the last school, we recommend that you arrive later. Remember that you can enter the sambadrome any time you want, so you have the flexibility to decide which schools you want to attend and schedule your time.

  • What clothes should I wear?

    Use comfortable clothes. Because it‘s during the summer, the weather is very hot. The spotlighting and the large concentration of people leave the place even hotter. There may be rain at night, so a raincoat is recommended because umbrellas disturb the view of who are behind and it's forbidden.

  • What can I bring to the Sambadrome?

    You can take food and drinks to the Sambodromo. Just keep the limit of two 500ml transparent plastic bottles with any drink and two food items (snacks, fruits, sandwiches etc.) per person.

  • Is it possible to buy food and drinks at the Sambodromo?

    Yes. There are several kiosks, snack bars and vendors inside the Sambadrome. Credit and debit cards are accepted.

  • How to avoid lines and crowds?

    The movement is higher around 9 pm and also at the end of the last school of samba. But it's also big during the breaks between schools. So choose the time of a school that you don’t like so much to go to the bathroom, buy food, drinks or go the shopping area.

  • What time does the parade start?

    The parades of the Access Group start at 9:00 pm, the parades of the Special Group start at 10:00 pm and the champions parades starts at 9:00 pm

  • Are there restrooms at the Sambadrome?

    Yes, throughout the Sambadrome, in all sectors, it is possible to find restrooms in the common areas. In the Front box area, Folia Tropical and Super Folia there are exclusive bathrooms for those who have tickets in these areas. Chemical toilets are available in sectors 12 and 13.

  • Can I leave the Sambadrome and come back later?

    You can leave and return as many times as you want from your grandstand, front box and allocated chair to go to the food, restroom and shopping area inside the Sambadrome, but after leaving the Sambadrome you will not be able to return.

  • Is there a place for a wheelchair user?

    Unfortunately the Sambadrome does not have many options adapted for wheelchairs. There is an exclusive area for wheelchair users and people with special needs, which is in sector 13, but tickets are limited and it is available only for brazilian citizens.

    Another adapted option is the Folia Tropical and Super Folia. They are fully adapted, with access ramps and an elevator, in addition to having an exclusive area for people with special needs to watch the parades, very close to the parade and the window.

  • Where is the drummer's niches?

    There are two drummers niches. The first is at the beginning of the parade, next to sector 2; however, in this one, the drummers only stop to warm-up and stay for a short time before setting off to march.

    The second niche, better known and where you can see all the excitement clearly, is where the drummers stops for a longer time until the entire parade goes by. It is located between sectors 9 and 11.

  • Where are the jurors?

    The Sambódromo jury booths are located in sectors 3, 6 and 10.

  • Do I need to bring an identification document to the Sambadrome?

    To enter the Sambódromo it is not necessary to present any document, as the tickets are not nominal.

    In any case, we always recommend bringing a copy if requested when purchasing alcoholic beverages.

    Also, if you bring a child, you must prove their age by presenting a document to enter.

  • Until what time can I enter the Sambadrome?

    You can arrive at the Sambódromo whenever you want, as long as the last school has not entered the parade, after this time the access doors are closed.

Transfer to Sambodromo

  • How to get and return from Sambodromo?

    You can go to the sambadrome in several ways. By taxi, Uber, subway or transfer are the most recommended options. We do not recommend that you go by conventional bus as many bus routes change during the parade days and we do not recommend that you go by car as the streets surrounding the sambadrome are closed, making access difficult.
    To learn more about all the transport options for the sambadrome, access:

  • Can I go by taxi?

    Yes. The Sambadrome has an agreement with two authorized taxi companies, one for each side, that will drop you off inside the Sambadrome, Coopatur and Coopertramo. To use them you must make a reservation by phone. For the odd side: Coopertramo, phones 21 2560-2022 or 2560-1474. For the even side: Coopatur, phone 21 3885-1000. Inform the taxi driver of your sector number so that he can take you to the correct entrance and on the way back, you can take one of these taxis, parked between sectors 8 and 10 on the even side and between sectors 9 and 11 on the odd side. They have pre-arranged fare and you must contact the company to find out about the exact prices.

  • Can I get a Taxi on the street or an Uber?

    You can also call a taxi on the street or an Uber, but note that the Sambadrome's surroundings will be closed to vehicle circulation, with the exception of accredited companies. When using a regular taxi or Uber, you will probably have to walk down some streets until you reach your sector in the Sambadrome. This option is only suitable for those who have tickets to the odd sectors, as the access of cars on this side is easier. We do not recommend this option if you have ticket to an even sector, as the streets on this side are small, complicated and easy to get lost.

  • Can I go by car?

    The streets surrounding the Sambadrome will be closed to vehicles, with the exception of vehicles accredited by the city hall. In addition, there are almost no places to park near the Sambadrome and they are very expensive and often illegal. Do not park in prohibited places, there are a lot of supervision and probably your vehicle will be fined or towed. If you want to use a car, a good option is to drive to a subway/metro station that aren’t near to the Sambadrome and park your car to go by subway/metro. For example, Botafogo Station, Largo do Machado Station, Gloria Station and Catete Station in the South Zone.

  • Can I use the subway/metro to the Sambadrome?

    Yes, this is the best public transportation option. The subway service is very reliable and safe, running without interruption throughout the carnival, 24 hours a day during parade days, with an interval of 10 minutes during the night and costs BRL 6.90. For the even sectors, the nearest station is Praça Onze, approximately 300 meters from the Sambadrome. For the odd sectors, the nearest station is the Central station, approximate 1.2 kilometers from the Sambadrome.

  • How does the transfer service work?

    Our Special Transfer service is the most convenient and safe way to reach the Sambadrome. Departing from the main hotels in Rio, at 3 specific times and on the way back, at the end of each samba school's parade there is a transfer returning to the same point you boarded. Get to know more about our transfer service:

  • How does the Bookers Angels works?

    Bookers offers a special service for those who buy tickets for the Grandstands on the even side.

    You will leave our Hospitality Desk in Copacabana and take the metro / subway to the Sambadrome round trip next to a specially trained Bookers Angel Guide.

    In the company of the Angels, your only goal will be fun, because we take care of the rest! And there is more, the metro / subway tickets are on our own. To see more access:

  • Do you have a Transfer from the port / pier?

    Our Special Transfer Service can also be purchased along with your tickets and after completing your order you can choose a location and time to be picked up from the port. Our transfer departs from the Terminal 4 exit, the main gate.

Ball Tickets

  • Do you sell ball tickets?

    Yes, we sell tickets for the Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace Hotel, the most luxurious ball of Rio carnival. The tickets for the Copacabana Magic Ball become available around mid-November.

  • How much is the Ball ticket?

    All prices and ticket types are available on our website. To check prices access:

  • What is the difference between the tickets type?

    There are 3 different ticket types: Standing, Noble Room and Golden Room.

    The Standing ticket includes buffet dinner, full open bar and gives access to all ballroom settings, but do not entitle you to be seated at a table.

    The Noble Room is the furthest room from the stage, includes table seating which are shared, gives access to all ballroom settings and also include buffet dinner and full open bar.

    The Golden Room is the room where the stage is, includes table seating which are shared, gives access to all ballroom settings and also include buffet dinner and full open bar.

Travel Tips

  • Where should I stay in Rio?

    We always recommend our clients to stay in the main tourist districts of Rio, near the beach and also from various shops. Some of them are: Copacabana, Leme, Ipanema, Leblon, Botafogo, Flamengo, Barra da Tijuca, São Conrado, among others.

    These neighborhoods are safe, beautiful, and offer many entertainment options for all ages.

  • What to do during Carnival?

    During Carnival dates the city is full of people willing to have the most fun, so Rio offers many options to entertain everyone.

    Besides the beaches and thousands of attractions, Rio's carnival has an immense diversity of carnival street parties and bands spread throughout the city and for all tastes.

    If you want a high society event, the Copacabana Palace Magic Ball is the most suitable gala event.

    The main event of the Rio Carnival is the parades of the Samba schools in the Sambadrome.

    In addition, you can participate in various shows, festivals, artistic exhibitions and enjoy the landscapes of the Wonderful City.

  • Do I need a Visa to Brazil?

    Before entering any foreign territory you should check with the government of your country to determine if only the passport is required or if a Visa is necessary.

    To find out if you need a visa to travel to Brazil, access:

    Brazil adopts a policy of reciprocity regarding visas. This means that nationals of countries that require visas for Brazilian citizens will need a visa to travel to Brazil. According to the Brazilian law, Brazil must agree, on a reciprocal basis, to offer visa waiver to nationals of another country, except for the hypotheses established in the Decree 9.731 / 2019. Brazil has signed visa exemption agreements with about 90 countries.

  • Is it safe to visit Rio during Carnival?

    During Carnival, the City of Rio de Janeiro organizes a large operation together with the Military Police to avoid problems.

    Anyway, as in any big city, there is always a small margin of insecurity, so just take basic precautions to avoid bad times.

    Try not to go out with valuables in public and busy places, always take the essentials. Avoid traveling with a lot of money and/or important documents (ID, passport, etc.). We do not recommend walking down the street using your cell phone or camera.

    Always buy tickets and tours at official agencies. We also recommend not buying things from street vendors with a credit card, try to pay in cash.

  • Where is the gay zone during Carnival?

    Rio de Janeiro is a fully inclusive city, so you'll find LGBTQIAPN+ audiences everywhere. The blocks and street parties are a strong point.

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