Carnival 2025

Feb 28th - Mar 08th

Know the Sambadrome Ticket Types


Know the Sambadrome Ticket Types

Learn all about the Sambadrome Ticket Types: Grandstands, Open Boxes, Allocated Chairs, Covered boxes and the Camarotes.

At the epicenter of the 2025 Rio Carnival is the flamboyant and exuberating Samba Parade. The parades take place in the Sambodromo, a great concrete structure with viewing stands on two sides of a long alley. The performers enter from one side of this building, parade down the avenue and exit from the other side. There are a variety of Sambodromo ticket types available for this event. So whatever your budget, you are sure to find a type that best suits you.

Grandstands or Arquibancadas

Most of the sectors of the Rio Sambodromo have grandstands or Arquibancadas which are large concrete steps without any numbered seating, except for the Sector 9.

Grandstands or Arquibancadas

You can choose to sit anywhere, on a first come first serve basis, high up if you want to get a full view of the entire parade or close to the front if you prefer to see all the performers, their costumes and floats up close. Arriving early and choosing your seat is a good strategy but have in mind that once the fun starts, no one will be sitting. You too will be on your feet dancing to the irresistible beats of the drummers along with all the cariocas.

Sector 9, also known as the tourist sector, is the only one with numbered seating but no chair is available. If you want the comfort of a chair and access to the multi-language speaking guides, book the front boxes on Sector 9 instead.

Allocated Chairs or Cadeiras Numeradas

Allocated Chairs or Cadeiras Avulsas

If you prefer the comfort of having a numbered seat which no one can take from you, the Allocated chairs or Cadeiras numeradas are the most appropriate sambodromo ticket for you. Located on the sector 12 of the Sambodromo, these are plastic seats which don’t have the best view of the parade but are an affordable alternative to the free seating options. Definetely the best deal for a sambodromo ticket if seating is your thing. These Sambodromo Tickets are priced higher on Special Group Parade and cheaper on Champions Parade.

Front Boxes or Frisas

The Front Boxes or Frisas are in everybody's opinion one of the best sambodromo tickets in the house. They offer excellent views of the Samba Parade at a much more affordable price. Each sector has four rows with four to six chairs per row. The rows are arranged from top to bottom by the letters A, B, C and D. Row A being at the bottom, closest to the avenue.

Open Boxes or Frisas

2025 Sambodrome tickets in the Front Boxes vary in price depending on the sector, being Sector 9 the most expensive, as it offers multi-language speaking guides to help tourists around. Tickets are usually more expensive on Special Groups Parade and Champions Parade is cheaper. Take note of this: If you are worried about getting wet from the summer rain showers, get a ticket on the Covered Box on Sector 7!

Covered Boxes

Covered Box is the new ticket at the Sambodromo. It is a box with a roof on top, that holds up to 12 people with comfortable cushioned seats, in a decorated space. Located at the Row D level, the new Covered boxes offer a higher view over rows A, B and C of the Open Boxes, also known as frisas. The covered tent is a must as it makes sure no one gets wet in case of rain, which was a privilege only camarote ticket holders used to have. If getting wet is something you want to avoid, book the covered box tickets since rain showers are very common during summer in Rio de Janeiro.

Covered Boxes or Frisas Cobertas

The covered boxes are available only at the coveted sector 7, right in the middle of the sambadromo and in front of the jury. In a nutshell, it's a little camarote with the comfort and wide views of the frisas, except foods and drinks are not included and must be bought at the fast food restaurants.


Camarotes are the most expensive sambodromo tickets you can get. They are located at almost all sectors at the Sambodromo, preferred choice of many, the Camarotes have open bar, excellent dining, private security all in air conditioned luxury and private performance of DJs and Brazilian singers. These type of tickets is a great option for those who wants to enjoy a party. As it accommodates around one thousand people watching the show at the same time, we only suggest it for those who wants to enjoy a party besides watching the parades. Front Boxes might be a perfect choice if you don't want to take turns at the big window and at the open space.

Luxury Suites or Camarotes

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