Carnival 2020

Feb 21st to 29th

Brazil Carnival

Florianopolis Carnival Program

Plan your visit with the program of the Carnival in Florianopolis.

Florianopolis has a vibrant community that is gay friendly as well. Come Carnival time and the city is abuzz with excitement. Street parades, Carnival parties, and samba school parades at the Passarela Nêgo Quirido Sambadrome take over the quaint little town that boasts of 40 beautiful beaches. Partying in the sands is commonplace during the Carnival with several gay friendly events as well.

Carnival Saturday at the Sambadrome

Samba is still king at the Carnival as the upbeat mood of revelers spills over from the Florianopolis Sambadrome into the streets. As party-goers from all over the world head to Floripa, as the city is popularly known, the sounds of the samba drummers can be heard for miles around, beckoning one and all to the sambadrome.

The stadium consists of two big structures along a wide road, presenting spectators with a beautiful view of the parade which takes place on Carnival Friday and Saturday. The competition is serious among the four samba schools that spend all year creating costumes, dances, and a samba song. Each school has 2,500 participants that take part in a spectacular fusion of color and music.

Consulado, União da Ilha da Magia, Copa Lord, and Protegidos da Princesa are the samba schools that transform the city into one big party. All eyes are on the sambadrome on Carnival Saturday which begins around 8 pm and goes on until the early hours of the morning. Tickets cost a very small price for some first class entertainment in true Brazilian fashion. On Carnival Sunday, smaller neighborhood samba groups compete at the Sambadrome from 7 pm onwards.

Carnival Sunday around Town

Don’t expect any rest on Carnival Sunday, which is the day of Bloco dos Sujos. This traditional event has thousands of cross dressed men parading through the center of the town singing, dancing, and even copying their favorite samba queens. Many are accompanied by their families making it a joyous event for everyone. 

Carnival Monday the Pop Gay Festival

Monday is the day for drag queens and transsexuals at the Pop Gay Festival, second only to the parade in Rio. One of the biggest LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) crowds gather at Tancredo Neves Square with lots of families attending as well. The event kicks off at 9 pm and goes on until the next day morning. During the festival, there are plenty of parties held throughout the town. Gay and lesbian clubs from all over Brazil have made this island their headquarters for electronic music parties.

Children’s Carnival on Sunday

Kids aren’t left out of all the fun and frolic. There is a special parade held in the neighborhood of Santo Antonio de Lisboa for children. These children are proud of their own creations with colorful costumes and dance numbers exclusively prepared by them under the supervision of adults.

Blocos and Street Parties

Many smaller groups and samba schools host blocos or street parades around the city. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the Carnival and party with the locals. With strong European influences, the parades are a melting pot of culture which you cannot afford to miss. Of course, the streets are lined with beer vendors, to energize revelers all through the night.


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