The Scala Balls in the Rio Carnival

The Scala Balls are an important part of Rio Carnival, enjoy great private parties.

The Scala Night Club in Rio is one of the most happening night clubs in the city. This year it has shifted downtown where it enjoys 3000 square meters of space, 3 ballrooms and capacity of 2000. The Scala has become a symbol of the Carnival largely due to the six electrifying and sensational balls it hosts during the Carnival

The Mangueira Carnival Ball

The Mangueira Carnival Ball is a regular feature of the Scala balls. Scheduled on Saturday March 2nd, it is the perfect opportunity to see bona fide Samba performances by the Mangueira Samba School. This troupe of dancers, drummers and flag bearer with escort all attend the ball at the Scala and spend the evening showcasing their entrancing moves to the captivating music of the Samba percussionists. The beats are impossible to resist so why try, get on the floor and dance! The Mangueira Samba School is the oldest existing Samba School. The only other ways to see them are to watch the parade or see them rehearse. Instead, catch them up close at the Scala – The Mangueira Ball.

The Gay Costume Ball

The grand finale of the Rio Carnival is the Gay Costume Ball at the Scala. Scheduled on the final Tuesday of the festival, it is the last big bang before the season of Lent begins. The Gay Costume Ball is the party of parties, a not to miss opportunity to see some of the most flamboyant, glitzy and flashy costumes as the gay community comes out in full force. The outrageously dressed party goers are known for their totally over the top personalities and outfits, so little wonder that this is a widely televised event. The Gay Costume Ball at the Scala welcomes guests of all sexual orientations and many straight people attend as it is known to be the most mesmerizing and incomparable Balls of the Carnival.

The Cordao do Bola Preta Ball, the City Ball and the Ball of the ‘Beer’

The first of the Scala Balls this year is the Cordao do Bola Preta Ball, which is one of the most famous blocos of Rio Street Parties. The City Ball,, is dedicated to the City of Rio; it attracts hoards of locals, fiercely proud of their city, its lineage and ancestry. The Ball of the Beer is one of the new entries to the Scala Balls. Its main attraction is the unlimited free beer and of course scintillating Carnival music, a must for any of the Balls.

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