Carnival 2020

Feb 21st to 29th

Making the Samba Costume

If you have decided to parade in the Rio de Janeiro 2020 Carnival, your party has already begun.

One of the biggest events of music and color is incomplete without the customary flamboyant costumes. Join the festive mood by getting your Samba Costumes created. The entire process of making costumes begins months before the grand event.

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The Carnival Designer or ‘Carnavalesco’ in Portuguese helps select the materials and accessories required for the costumes. The artists in the team then make costumes that illustrate a particular theme or ‘Carnaval Enredo,’ specific to each Samba School. They first cut out the paper pattern based on the design. This pattern is then cut on the cloth and all the pieces are sewn together. It is then embellished with intricate bead work, sequins, glitter and feathers. There are two types of Costumes - Ground and Float Costumes.

Making the Samba Costume

Ground Costumes

Normal artists, part of a wing or ‘ala’ parade on the floor with more than 200 other people dressed up in the same attire. Each wing will have unique costumes that support the school theme.

Float Costumes

The floatees or destaques as they are popularly known are the highlight of the Rio Carnival. The costumes are costly, heavy and difficult to make. Each school will have 6-7 floats. The floats, which are a little shaky are situated on a certain height can be quite scary! The main floatee, who is located at the top of each float dances and sings the Samba song all through the parade.

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