Carnival 2020

Feb 21st to 29th

Etiquette at the Rio Carnival 2020

Rio Carnival is the Biggest Show on Earth. Aren't You Glad You're Part of It?

Even Rio Carnival has a Sort of Etiquette. After all, it's the Biggest Show on Earth and You're part of it. The Carnival at Rio de Janeiro has long been known to entertain, enthrall and excite thousands of spectators who gather to watch the world’s biggest event, which is filled with music, color and glitter. If you are one of the paraders who will be singing and dancing to the reverberating beats of the music in 2020, listed below are few key essentials that you must keep in mind:

Costumes Rio Carnival Etiquette

DO’s and DON'Ts

Wear your costume only on the Big Day

Once you have decided to parade for a particular Samba School, it is your responsibility to ensure that no damage comes to the costume before the big day. Do not wear the attire before the Samba Parade as any dent in the costume will lead to you being disqualified.

Refrain from Alcohol

You are not allowed to drink during the parade as the school fears that you would misbehave or pass out during the event. This would cost them valuable points, and no school can afford this!

Attire and Valuables

There will be no changing room, and so wear only your Carnival Costume to the sambadrome. You can not wear during the parade anything that is not part of your costume, to not mischaracterize the costume, so carry only a small pouch with your passport copy or ID card and little money to buy water and hide it under your costume. Remember: it is forbidden to photograph during the parade, so do not bring camera.

Making it to the Venue

Discuss with fellow participants regarding the school meeting place and how you plan to reach the venue. You may use the metro or the subway which is safe, economical and fast. Ensure that you reach the place atleast two hours before the event, and in time for the warm-up or concentração in Portuguese.

Winning the Competition

While you are having fun at the parade, do not forget that this is a competition and a lot is at stake here. Your school community needs your support and this is how you can help: keep your energy level high and smile all through the runway, follow the instructions laid down by the wing director, and do not fall down or let go of any part of your costume. Even if you do not know the entire samba song, move your lips, and dance in close coordination with your group.

Enjoy and Remain Fresh

Drink lot of fresh juices and water, eat salads, fruits and green vegetables which will leave you feeling bright and light throughout the parade. Lastly, remember that this Carnival is a magical moment, and you are there to have fun – lots of fun!

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