Carnival 2020

Feb 21st to 29th

The New Rio Sambodromo

The new Rio Sambodromo accommodate 72,500 people. Compare how it was and how it is since 2012.

The luxury suites along the northern strip of the Sambodromo have been completely demolished and are being now rebuilt and modernized. This entire project, with an estimated cost of $19 million dollars, was funded by a beer company. Its original plans were designed by Oscar Niemeyer, a famous architect known for tasteful and exciting building plans. 

A Wider Runway for the Sambodromo

If you thought the rio samba parades with all their floats was glamorous before, just wait until you see them on the expanded runway.  Aside from being able to accommodate hundreds of additional floats, people will find it much easier to enjoy the walkway at the new rio sambodromo. This includes adding easier access to handicapped people in most of the sectors. 

Rio Sambodromo and its Increased Capacity

The Sambodromo now easily accommodate 72,500 people. Overall, each of the 4 new blocks have enough grandstand space for 48 luxury suites that can accommodate 576 people, plus an additional 1194 spectators.  This does not include the intermediary blocks that will house 5 more luxury suites which will each hold 60 people.

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