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Visit the Prainha Beach | Rio Beaches

Rio de Janeiro

Visit the Prainha Beach | Rio Beaches

Prainha Beach is a mere half an hour from Rio’s South Zone. The rough waters of Prainha Beach are ideal for surfing, with an atmosphere much like Hawaii. The beach is located right after the beaches of Recreio, Macumba and Pontal, so if you plan to drive down you will pass a lot of beautiful surf spots before you reach Prainha, which is one of the most spectacular beaches.

Prainha Beach in Rio de Janeiro

Little beach with big waves

The breathtaking scenery of Prainha provides the perfect setting for a vacation away from the crowds, except on holidays. The pristine white sands stretch for miles along the green Atlantic rainforest mountains, which lends much of its beauty to Prainha. The locals are very friendly, just like most cariocas and other people in Rio and Brazil. The fast and powerful waves that reach around 3 meters at Prainha are more suited to experienced surfers. Amateur surfers are advised to accompany a trained surfer. The closest spot to rent a surfboard is a few miles away. Therefore, it is advisable to carry a surfboard along.

Getting to Prainha

While Prainha remains a secluded beach during weekdays, weekends tend to get crowded. In addition, it is a favorite spot for production crews to film parts of Brazilian soap operas, so don’t be surprised if you catch up with some celebrities during your visit. The beach is accessible only by car, so you may want to rent one. 

Prainha has a few shacks that sell food and drinks, although you may want to take some along with you. For the perfect vacation with plenty of sun, sand and waves, there are very few places that match up to Prainha Beach.

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