Carnival 2025

Feb 28th - Mar 08th

The Bookers Club – Your FREE Premier Pass to Rio Carnival 2025!

Bookers Club

The Bookers Club – Your FREE Premier Pass to Rio Carnival 2025!

Unlock Exclusive Benefits with The Bookers Club Membership

At Bookers, we understand the excitement and anticipation that surrounds the world-renowned Rio Carnival. It's an event like no other, bursting with vibrant colors, exhilarating music, and an unmatched celebratory spirit. That's why we're thrilled to introduce "The Bookers Club," an exclusive opportunity designed for our most enthusiastic carnival aficionados.

Join The Bookers Club and immerse yourself in the splendor of Rio Carnival with benefits that elevate your experience:

Early Bird Alerts: Get notified first when prices for 2025's carnival packages are released.

Exclusive 20% Discount : Save on carnival ticket packages, available only to club members before the public sale for all Grandstands, Boxes and Allocated Chair tickets.

Priority Booking: Reserve your carnival spot stress-free with early access to ticket packages available.

Special Perks for Members

Free 2025 Rio Carnival T-Shirt

The stylish keepsake Rio Carnival Tee guaranteed for all club members.

Assistance by the Bookers Angels

Enjoy personalized help at the Sambadrome by our Bookers Angels.

Free Roundtrip Subway Passes

Travel with ease to even-numbered sectors with our Angels' guidance. The Passes are on us.

Free Carnival E-Guide

A PDF guide filled with carnival program, history and tips.

Embrace the Extraordinary – Join for FREE!

At Bookers, we're not just about selling tickets; we're about creating unforgettable experiences.

Sign up for The Bookers Club today and secure your discounted seats to the greatest show on earth. Let the countdown to Rio Carnival 2025 begin!

Register now and let the anticipation for Rio Carnival 2025 begin!


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