Carnival 2020

Feb 21st to 29th

What to Expect at the Rio Carnival 2020

What began as pagan festival celebrated in honor of the gods during the early 15th century is now known as the Rio Carnival. Considered as one of the biggest parties in the world, the Rio Carnival is a blend of the most energizing, electrifying, and astounding performances to meet your eyes. Whether you’d like to party down in the streets or in high-end sophisticated balls, the party truly never stops at the Rio Carnival.

Considered as the last celebration before Lent, the Rio Carnival draws travel enthusiasts and party goers from every corner of the globe. For Rio Carnival 2020, everyone is getting ready for the party of the century.

The evolution of the Rio Carnival

The Rio Carnival is tantamount to Samba, and these two words are almost never apart. But it was not always like this. Samba was only used in the carnival since 1921, and before that, carnivals were usually in the form of masquerades for the rich in Europe.

What to Expect at the Rio Carnival 2020

The locals realized that they too had the right to celebrate and party, which resulted to mud fights and brawls as a form of celebration.

All of these gave birth to the Rio Carnival we know of today, an organized street party with extravagant costumes and a party fever that won’t stop. Even if samba music was played only in 1921, carnival floats were already used as early as 1890s with the help of the Portuguese who were considered as the founding fathers of street parades and the Brazil carnival. Today, neighborhoods host Rio street parties.

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A taste of Africa at Rio Carnival 2020

We now know that the Portuguese were the first to organize parades and were the ones who introduced the carnival to Brazil, but aside from that, the Rio Carnival also showcased great African influence in its music and dance. When the Portuguese reached Brazil, they brought African slaves who carried with them the richness of their African culture.

The drum beats, dance, and music of the African slaves gave birth to Samba. These African slaves moved to Rio once slavery was abolished. From then on Rio was exposed to the wonders of the samba rhythm which was quickly adapted into the carnival.

The Highlight of the Parade - the Rio Samba Schools

The Samba schools of Rio are made up of the finest dancers and musicians that make the Rio Carnival parade extra special. The very first Samba school, Mangueira was formed in 1928 and set the standard for all other samba schools that followed.

The Rio Carnival was the main stage for all these schools to tell the whole world who and what they are about. The Samba schools are home to only the best talent in Rio and you can see them in action at the Rio Carnival 2020. Other Samba schools to watch out for are the Grande Rio, Mocidade, Beija Flor, and Salgueiro.

 What to Expect at the Rio Carnival 2020

Each performance at the Sambadrome takes a whole year to prepare, which is why each performance is something worth waiting for.

The Stage is set for the parade at the Sambadrome

The Sambadrome is where all the participants and contenders of the grand Rio Carnival will perform.

The stadium was built in 1984 to provide a better performance arena for all the samba schools that joined the Rio Carnival competition. It was renovated in 2012; more seats were added to accommodate the increasing number of visitors that watched the parade. This grand stadium was the brainchild of Oscar Niemeyer. Spectators are seated on both sides of the runways on which all the Samba Schools will perform their 80 minute number.

Every year, each school chooses a theme on which their samba song is based. The chosen theme is interpreted though song and dance by the thousands of members of the school in order to win the championship title. The Rio Samba Parade in 2020 The whole carnival celebration is a joint effort of the whole Rio community.

People from all walks of life join together as a community to put up this one of a kind annual party. Engineers, electricians, architects, dancers, designers, and musicians all make the Rio Carnival a party that you will never forget. The result of this joint effort will be seen once again at the Rio Carnival 2020; samba schools will perform in front of an excited crowd and 40 judges will decide the winner of the Rio Carnival.

Each samba school will bring their own crowd of supporters who will cheer them along.

And the party begins!

Just like every year, the Rio Carnival Parade 2020 kicks off as the keys to the city are handed by the mayor to King Momo.

The King will then make a speech and announce that the carnival celebrations have just begun! This is a special moment for the people of Rio since they enter into a full party state with street parties, balls, and numerous events.

Things will get exciting at the Rio Carnival 2020

The Rio Carnival 2020 will prove to be another competitive year for the contenders from the different Samba Schools. Just like every year, 40 judges will pick only one champion who has proven to rise above all the rest. The Access group, will kick off the competition on Carnival Friday and Saturday.

The Schools are then trimmed down to 12 schools which will be called the Special Group. The Special Group will showcase their talent on the runway on Carnival Sunday and Monday and the final results will be decided upon on Ash Wednesday. The top 6 chosen schools will then battle it out again on Saturday after the competition.

What to Expect at the Rio Carnival 2020

The Rio Carnival Balls

Everyone else will party out in the streets during Rio Carnival 2020. The elite on the other hand, will gather at the Copacabana Palace Hotel for the annual Magic Ball. The rich and famous dress up in their elegant evening wear and glitzy costumes as they walk down the red carpet. The tickets may be pricey for the average folk, but even if the prices go sky high, the tickets seem to sell out fast. So if you want to join this upscale party in Rio, do book your tickets ahead of time.

Aside from the Magic Ball at the Copacabana, the Rio Carnival 2020 can also be celebrated at the Scala Rio Nightclub. The Scala Rio nightclub hosts 6 different balls, but the most popular is the Scala Gay Ball which is known for its wild costumes and crazy outfits and is the last party at the Scala.

Partying in the Streets

They say that the heart of the party can be seen in the streets of Rio. So if you don’t have enough money to get yourself into one of the more elite balls, you can party out in the streets for free! In Rio, blocos which are small groups found in different neighbourhoods, organize their own street parties. Some of the well known blocos who throw the best parties are the Monobloco, Imprensa, Quase Amor, and Que Eu Gamo. So whether you’re celebrating Rio Carnival 2020 in the streets, in the Sambadrome, or in some posh hotel, what’s important is you enjoy and have the party of a lifetime.

Getting ready for the Rio Carnival 2020

Whether you decide to attend a Rio Carnival ball or watch the parades in the Sambadrome, there is only one rule to remember – to book your tickets early. Tickets to these events sell out fast and people start buying them in advance.

You can also opt to purchase a Rio Carnival package which may work out cheaper and includes tickets to the popular Rio Carnival Balls as well as an entrance to the Sambadrome. You can also decide to participate and join a Samba School.

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