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What to Expect from the Carnival in Rio 2024

Rio Carnival

What to Expect from the Carnival in Rio 2024

A blend of the most energizing, electrifying, and astounding performances to meet your eyes.

The Carnival in Rio started as a pagan festival in the 15th century to honor gods. It is now one of the biggest celebrations worldwide. This event is a fusion of the most vibrant, thrilling, and spectacular performances you'll ever witness. The Carnival of Rio has continuous celebrations, whether you enjoy street revelry or elegant balls.

Considered the last celebration before Lent, the Carnival of Rio draws travel enthusiasts and partygoers from every corner of the globe. For Rio Carnival 2024, everyone is getting ready for the party of the century. 

The Evolution of the Rio Carnival

The Carnival in Rio is tantamount to Samba, and these two words are almost never apart. But it was not always like this. Carnivals started using Samba in 1921. Before that, carnivals were fancy parties for rich people in Europe.

Praça da Apoteose at the end of the Sambadrome during the carnival in Rio, featuring the Bahianas Section of School Imperio Serrano
Alexandre Macieira | Riotur

The residents desired to revel and enjoy themselves, resulting in mud fights as a method of celebration.

These elements played a role in shaping the present-day Rio Carnival. It is a large street party characterized by elaborate costumes and a continuous festive atmosphere.

Samba music began in 1921, but people have been using carnival floats since the 1890s. The Portuguese helped create street parades and the Brazil carnival.

A taste of Africa at Carnival of Rio

The vibrant Carnival of Rio in Brazil is a beautiful blend of both Portuguese and African cultural influences. African slaves brought their music and dance, which gave birth to Samba and became a key part of the carnival.

The Highlight of the Parade - the Rio Samba Schools

Rio's Samba Schools have talented dancers and musicians who bring a special flair to the Carnival parade. The pioneer Samba School, Mangueira, established in 1928, laid the benchmark for all subsequent Samba Schools.

The Carnival in Rio acted as the main stage for these schools to display their identity to the worldwide audience. Also look out for Special Group's Samba Schools like Grande Rio, Mocidade, Beija Flor, and Salgueiro.

Viradouro Samba School's couple headmaster and flag holder participating in the carnival of Rio
Alexandre Macieira | Riotur

Each performance at the Sambadrome takes a whole year to prepare, which is why each performance is something worth waiting for.

The Sambadrome sets the stage for the parade

Built-in 1984 and revamped in 2012, the iconic Sambadrome is the epicenter of Rio Carnival's grand parade.

Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, this stadium offers a runway where Samba Schools perform their 80-minute spectacles.

Each year, schools pick a theme for their samba song, aiming to win the championship.

People from every corner of life come together to throw the ultimate annual bash which is the Carnival of Rio. Whether you're an engineer, electrician, architect, dancer, designer, or musician, you're part of making this an unforgettable experience.

Just wait until Rio Carnival 2024—our collective creativity will light up the stage in a whole new way! Samba Schools will impress a lively crowd, and 40 judges will have the difficult task of choosing the show's standout performer. Don't forget, each school's fan base adds to the electric atmosphere!

And the party begins!

As per annual tradition, the 2024 Rio Carnival Parade commences with the city's mayor passing the keys to King Momo.

The King will then make a speech and announce that the carnival celebrations have just begun! Rio's residents are excited and celebrating with parties, dancing, and lots of fun activities during this special time.

Things will get exciting at the Carnival in Rio 2024

Get ready for an exhilarating Carnival in Rio 2024! The various Samba Schools are gearing up for fierce competition. The Access Group sets the stage on Carnival Friday and Saturday, kicking off the festivities.

Then, the competition narrows down to the elite 12 schools, known as the Special Group. They'll dazzle us with their performances on Carnival Sunday and Monday. Mark your calendars for Ash Wednesday—that's when we'll find out the winners.

And the excitement doesn't stop there; the top 6 schools will grace the runway once more the following Saturday. Don't miss it!


Imperio Serrano Samba School's evolution on the Samba Parade at the carnival in Rio
Marcos TerraNova | Riotur

The Rio Carnival Balls

Everyone else will party out in the streets during Rio Carnival 2024. The elite, on the other hand, will gather at the Copacabana Palace Hotel for the annual Copa Magic Ball.

The rich and famous dress up in their elegant evening wear and glitzy costumes as they walk down the red carpet. Tickets may be expensive for most people, but even if the prices rise a lot, they still sell quickly. To attend the fancy party in Rio, make sure to buy your tickets for the Magic Ball in advance.

Hit the Streets and Party On!

Who says you need big bucks to enjoy the Rio Carnival? The real party pulse beats in Rio's streets, and guess what? It's free!

Local "blocos," or small groups in various neighborhoods, host their own vibrant street parties.

Watch for popular blocos like Monobloco, Imprensa que Eu Gamo, and Escangalha—they throw great parties! To enjoy Carnival in Rio, fully embrace the whole experience in the streets and at the Sambadrome.

Book Early for Carnival of Rio 2024

Planning to attend a glamorous Carnival ball or catch the action at the Sambadrome? Here's your golden rule: secure your tickets in advance! These hot tickets fly off the shelves, and savvy party-goers start buying well in advance.

You can choose to buy a Rio Carnival package that might be cheaper. It includes tickets to the famous Rio Carnival Ball and entrance to the Sambadrome.

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