Carnival 2020

Feb 21st to 29th

From Grandstands to Luxury Suites, There are six Types of Parade Tickets to Choose From.


Most cheerful places. The seats are large concrete steps with a great view of the parade.

From US$ 38


Allocated Chairs

Allocated Chairs are assigned seats, available only in the Sector 12 of the Sambadrome.

From US$ 148


Front Box

The Front Box are located at the floor level, as close to the runaway as it gets, in four rows of boxes, from A to D.

From US$ 68


Covered Box

Located on Sector 7 on Row level D, the Covered Boxes offer a higher view over the others front boxes.

From US$ 278


Folia Tropical

Ideal for party people who wants to enjoy the parade and have fun at the same time. Located on Sector 6.

From US$ 468


Super Folia

The greatest Carnival VIP experience. Exclusive services, privacy and comfort with all the fun of the Folia Tropical.

From US$ 778


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